Thursday, September 13, 2012

Here and Gone Again

It's hard to believe that summer has been here and is gone already.  It was such a fun one!  I will be posting a few pictures from the various activities.  Trying not to mourn the loss of summer too much - after all, College Football is starting!  Wahoo!

    We spent the fourth of July with Scott, Jessica, Ben, Laura and the twins just hangin' in the backyard.
                                I think we ate way too much, which is usually the case.
                       All the grandkids lounging by the pool and enjoying the amenities at Chez Bird.
                                                                  Slip n Slide too!
Having Jessica home for the summer was so much fun!  She brought out watermelon to share with everyone.  Having her and Scott home was fabulous!  More to come on that.