Thursday, May 31, 2012


 Ben and Laura surprised me on Mothers Day with my first ever Corsage.  It's a beautiful orchid with a pink middle.  It has been in the fridge since; I can't get rid of it.  Not a great picture, I know, since it is getting brown at the edges but it was so thoughtful of them and I appreciated it so much.  I was so spoiled on Mother's Day.  I had the whole family together for dinner and chillin' in the backyard.  They all made sure I felt their appreciation, each one so thoughtfully  (Next post, I'll share what I had for the daughters in law since they are moms too). 

This year is the first time my "Peace" rose has bloomed since I transplanted it to the front.  It struggled out in back and it's such a beautiful rose, I couldn't let that happen.  I believe this is my favorite of all the roses, even though it doesn't have a very strong scent.  That's the great thing about roses; they all have differing characteristics.  The yellow smells the sweetest, Mr. Lincoln smells classically elegant, Lucille Ball doesn't have much scent, but the blossoms are one of my favorite colors.  The transplanted pink one from last year has a beautiful scent as well.  I need to have a name for this one, as it is not a registered rose.  Hmmmmm.......

The many phases of the Peace rose as it gets to full bloom.

It goes from total yellow with red tips to yellow, pink and then white with pink tips. So pretty!
It took two years, but it was well worth the move.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lunar Eclipse

We have some of the best neighbors around.  Sunday night just as we came home from a church meeting, there they were in our front yard with these smashing glasses.  There was a lunar eclipse going on!  I had heard there was going to be one but didn't figure we would see it, as you cannot look at it directly with your eyes.  (Which I apparently did when I took this picture - the clouds are covering it.)
 With the snazzy glasses this is what we could see:

Third time is a charm putting the glasses over the camera!  My neighbor Daniel helped me get it just right.  What an unexpected treat on a Sunday night.  I love this universe that God has created and marvel at it's intricacy and beauty.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Growing and Growing

It's been so long since I last posted, if you still read this blog, you will have a heart attack!

This is the latest picture of the Bird grandkids.  I probably didn't pick the best one of all of the kids, but we are still editing them.  Since Christmas, they have all grown so much.  Cameron is 7 and finishing the 1st grade, Eli is 5 and preparing to go to Kindergarden, Miriam is 2 and a princess, Simon is 1 and has the most yummy rusty hair color, Grace is almost 1 and has the most beautiful, carmel colored skin like butter, John is 8 mo. and smiles at everyone like he is their best friend, Catie is 8 mo. and never stops.

What a joy these babies are to us! 

We had them all here for Mother's Day Sunday and I was spoiled by each of my children and Gordon.  It was a wonderful day full of family - just the kind I like.