Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Growing and Growing

It's been so long since I last posted, if you still read this blog, you will have a heart attack!

This is the latest picture of the Bird grandkids.  I probably didn't pick the best one of all of the kids, but we are still editing them.  Since Christmas, they have all grown so much.  Cameron is 7 and finishing the 1st grade, Eli is 5 and preparing to go to Kindergarden, Miriam is 2 and a princess, Simon is 1 and has the most yummy rusty hair color, Grace is almost 1 and has the most beautiful, carmel colored skin like butter, John is 8 mo. and smiles at everyone like he is their best friend, Catie is 8 mo. and never stops.

What a joy these babies are to us! 

We had them all here for Mother's Day Sunday and I was spoiled by each of my children and Gordon.  It was a wonderful day full of family - just the kind I like.


Melanie Rae Gibson said...

I love this picture! Such cute babies!!! You really are one lucky Bacca! :)

Sandy Watson said...

Fun picture! Beautiful family!

Laura said...

We are lucky to have you!