Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lunar Eclipse

We have some of the best neighbors around.  Sunday night just as we came home from a church meeting, there they were in our front yard with these smashing glasses.  There was a lunar eclipse going on!  I had heard there was going to be one but didn't figure we would see it, as you cannot look at it directly with your eyes.  (Which I apparently did when I took this picture - the clouds are covering it.)
 With the snazzy glasses this is what we could see:

Third time is a charm putting the glasses over the camera!  My neighbor Daniel helped me get it just right.  What an unexpected treat on a Sunday night.  I love this universe that God has created and marvel at it's intricacy and beauty.


Laura said...

Wasn't that awesome? One of our neighbors brought out a welding mask:)

Breakaway blogger said...

We have the most awesome neighbors, don't we? I love the Swanteks!!

Gordon & Julie Bird Blog said...

Yes, they are. Who is Breakaway Blogger?