Friday, December 12, 2014

UK Tid-bits

This is one of my favorite pictures from London.  We were walking the kids home from school and here come the Bobbies walking up the street on their horses.  Man, did I feel safe.  I saw them walking in the neighborhood most of the days I was there.  I asked Simon when they come to clean up after the horses and he said that they don't; they just leave it there; and the next day that was confirmed.  However, they must feed their horses something different than we feed ours here because the odor just wasn't there and it decomposed rather quickly.  I was glad to see this because it would greatly take away from the romance of having the Bobbies walking up and down your neighborhood daily.  (I love how smart Cameron looks in his cap).

                 Nothing can describe the joy in this picture of when Gordon arrived in London.
   What to do if you're out shopping in London in the rain without a raincoat for the wee one. (This was Grandpa's creation.)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

It's been nine months now since Scott and Clare got married.  We got some wonderful family photos and I realize I've never shared them.  We didn't realize at the time that four of the Grandkids would be moving to London or that a new little .lady would be joining the family.  I love this picture of Gordon and I with the grandkids, my helmet hair excluded.

One of my friends on facebook said this after I posted the family picture below, "What a gorgeous mass of humanity!"  I have to say that I think so too.  I am very proud of my family.  We have worked hard for it.  Weddings are happy times.  Every time I see this picture I think about that day, and the feelings we had with all our children and their spouses in the temple.

Friday, September 12, 2014


I love this picture, for many reasons.  I love that Abigail is throwing a fit at being taken from her mom. (I have since made headway with her); I don't love that John is being kicked in the face, but I love the look on his face and I see how patient he is trying to be; that Grace is in another world involved in whatever is in her hand; that Simon is busy directing someone or something, that Catie looks like she is ready to steel away to North Mountain in her Elsa cape ; that Eli and Cam look like they are ready to drop from a camping trip the night before but are always obedient; and that Mim loves posing for pictures anytime. (I also love the photo-bomb; it's Charlie, cousin of the London Birds).

I love this picture because it shows real life and real people.  I also love it because it is the last picture Gordon and I have with all the grandkids before the Londoners took flight across the ocean,

And now - we have another baby that is not in the picture.  And here's the big news about that that I didn't mention in my post about her yesterday - and it's this:


The fact that we have all of these beautiful little females in our family is sweet. Yes, Sweet is the best word to describe it.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Meet our new grand daughter

Melissa Lou Bird
Missy Lou, as I like to call her:) 

Lou is my mother's middle name and Laura's family has called her Lou 
for most of her life, so it's a name with a lot of significance.

She was born to Ben and Laura on Friday night, September 5th, 
around 8:30 pm. and was 7 lbs 2 oz. and 16 days early.  

She has a full head of the softest brown hair that smells like baby and she is a Cuddle Bug.
She looks a lot like her sister Catie, only with brown hair and a couple more pounds
on her (couldn't get away with saying that any time but now!)

She is a sweetie, that Missy Lou.
We are so happy that she joined our family

Friday, February 7, 2014

January 16th - Abigail and Baca's Day

Life doesn't get much better than sharing a birthday with a sweet, sweet granddaughter. She is such an angel with a cute, little pixie face and the sweetest laugh you will ever hear.  She is incredibly attached to her mommy, but if you're lucky enough to have her when mommy's not around, then it's all hugs for Baca!  She plays dollies and barbies so cute and plays well with all the grandkids; in fact, the more the merrier.  Her big sister Grace dotes on her and is her protector.