Friday, December 12, 2014

UK Tid-bits

This is one of my favorite pictures from London.  We were walking the kids home from school and here come the Bobbies walking up the street on their horses.  Man, did I feel safe.  I saw them walking in the neighborhood most of the days I was there.  I asked Simon when they come to clean up after the horses and he said that they don't; they just leave it there; and the next day that was confirmed.  However, they must feed their horses something different than we feed ours here because the odor just wasn't there and it decomposed rather quickly.  I was glad to see this because it would greatly take away from the romance of having the Bobbies walking up and down your neighborhood daily.  (I love how smart Cameron looks in his cap).

                 Nothing can describe the joy in this picture of when Gordon arrived in London.
   What to do if you're out shopping in London in the rain without a raincoat for the wee one. (This was Grandpa's creation.)

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