Monday, September 19, 2011

At last

Little Johnathan Charles came home from the hospital yesterday!  You don't have to be a grandma to know how much I wanted to get my hands on this little one.

And he is just precious.  He definitely looks "all boy" when you see him.  He looks healthy and ready for all life has to offer. 

The best sight of the day?  Seeing the two babies sleeping right next to each other in the crib.  It's been a while coming and words don't really describe it.

I was overcome with gratitude for this affirmation of some of my most fervent prayers. 

Overwhelming.  Wonderfully overwhelming.

(Ben and Laura have pictures and will post them on their blog)



I'm so glad your little grandson was able to come home from the hospital and begin his wonderful life with his family. This is a very special day indeed.

I'm so happy that you are feeling so humble, so grateful, and so blessed.

I know the prayers grandma's offer (to get these little ones here safely) and in behalf of their grandchildren. Oh how we LOVE THEM! Congratulations on two more grandchildren to LOVE!

Sandy Watson said...

VERY exciting! I loved just watching two babies sleeping in a crib so I'm totally with you on that one. So glad they are all doing so well.

Melanie Rae Gibson said...

Yeah! I'm just so excited for all the wonderful things that have been happening in your family!

Tami said...

What a wonderful blessing! Congrats on having him home!! I believe the Lord is especially mindful to the prayers of mothers and grandmothers. Give him a hug for me!